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My wife and I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice dinner at Gianna Via’s this week. We planned on going to Italian Oven on Grove Road (Caste Village), but it is now Gianna Via’s. The service was very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing.

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I am not a wine drinker, but on this night I was in the mood for a glass of wine. I had no idea what to choose, i asked the waitress for a glass, when she asked me what kind well I replied “something that tastes like what they serve in church”! Well, we couldn’t without the laughter. I hope this is not offensive, in this day and age every is. After we laughed she brought me a glass of wine out and I was reminded of my reply throughout the dinner. This made our meal pleasurable as she was such a nice and friendly person.
When I go to an Italian Restaurant I also looking forward to a good cup of Wedding Soup and have had some very bad cups. But, the soup at Gianna Via’s was amazingly fresh and full of great flavor. The picture below of the soup doesn’t do their wedding soup justice, as soon as it was placed in front of me you could see how fresh it was.
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Our salad was served as we sat, talked and enjoyed a dinner without kids. At this point, my wife asked he waitress if we could have separate tables since I was taking pictures still and the waitress figured I had to much church wine.
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My ordered the crab cakes and laughs as I take pictures of all of our food. She knew I was a “geek” when she meet met and I have so lived up to that! She enjoyed the crabs cakes very much.
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I ordered the special pot roast with mashed potatoes.
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My wife and I enjoyed ourselves there very much and look forward to going back, we also noticed a private room in the back for party use.

I have submitted the restaurant to Urbanspoon but have placed the Italian Oven because there where many items in the restaurant that still said Italian Oven.

UPDATE: (10/23/2012) Added correct Urbanspoon information below.

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